2021: 61 Callouts | 2020: 58 Callouts


29th April 2022


Ambulance Assistance – Loftus Wood

FRIDAY 29TH APRIL 2022 (1152 HOURS) We were contacted at midday by the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) requesting our assistance near to Loftus. One of their crews was en route to a report of a woman who had sustained a knee injury after falling whilst walking in Loftus Wood, approximately 1-Km south of the town. A Cleveland MRT Land…

24th April 2022


Cancelled Search – North Yorkshire

SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2022 (2130 HOURS) We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police with a request to assist them in a search for a missing person. One of our Team members was sent to liaise with the Police at an RV-point and others, who had been allocated as drivers, were sent to our Base to collect the vehicles. The remainder…

15th April 2022


Ambulance Assistance – Great Ayton

FRIDAY 15TH APRIL 2022 (1030 HOURS) This morning we received a request to assist the Yorkshire Ambulance Service as they were en route to a report of an injured mountain biker near to Great Ayton. A Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter was also attending. One of our Land Rovers was soon dispatched to the scene arriving ahead of other Team members…

13th April 2022


Search Request – Guisborough Area

WEDNESDAY 13TH APRIL 2022 (2029 HOURS) Following on from a call-out earlier in the day, a number of Team members were taking part in training sessions as is the norm on a Wednesday evening. Some were at the Base for a session about radio communications whilst others were in Hutton Woods near Guisborough on a rescue exercise. Mid-way through training…

13th April 2022


Air Ambulance Assistance – Helmsley

WEDNESDAY 13TH APRIL 2022 (1132 HOURS) A very sad call-out today. We were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist a Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew en route to a gentleman who had been taken ill whilst walking in a forestry area just north of Helmsley. Team members were directed to the scene. One of them, who was relatively close…

3rd April 2022


Rescue – Danby Rigg

SUNDAY 3RD APRIL 2022 (1432 HOURS) After a relatively quiet few weeks we received a call during the afternoon from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who reported that a motorcyclist had suffered a serious leg injury on Danby Rigg, south of Danby. A Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter was also en route. A double-crewed Team Land Rover was sent from our Base…

6th March 2022


Rescue – Cleveland Way, near Osmotherley

SUNDAY 6TH MARCH 2022 (1214 HOURS) A busy weekend for the Team - following the searches of Friday night and Saturday, we were called out at lunchtime today by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) with a report of a walker near to Osmotherley who had sustained an ankle injury. Two double-crewed Land Rovers were sent whilst other Team members made…

5th March 2022


Search (day 2): Thornton-Le-Street

SATURDAY 5TH MARCH 2022 Following on from Friday night’s search for a man missing from his home in Thornton-Le-Street, near Thirsk, we were re-contacted by North Yorkshire Police this morning and asked to search additional areas. As before we deployed two Land Rovers and our Incident Control Vehicle to an RV-point at Metcalfe’s Vehicle Recovery Garage in the village (many…

4th March 2022


Search: Thornton-Le-Street, Thirsk

FRIDAY 4TH MARCH 2022 We were contacted during Friday evening by North Yorkshire Police with a request to assist them in a search for a 75-year-old man who was missing from his home in Thornton-Le-Street, near Thirsk. The Team’s call-out procedures were put into action and we deployed three double-crewed vehicles - consisting of two Land Rovers plus our Incident…

28th February 2022


Ambulance Assistance – Lordstones Country Park

MONDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2022 (1002 HOURS) A busy couple of days for the Team, following on from yesterday’s call-out, this morning the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) asked for our assistance as their crews were attending to a report of a male walker who had fallen and injured an ankle near to Lordstones Country Park. As we already had two Team…