2020: 58 Callouts | 2019: 61 Callouts


14 September 2020


Roseberry Topping

Monday 14th September 2020. We were contacted by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service at 2.43 pm with a request to assist them close to Roseberry Topping. A woman had fallen on one of the paths in the woods below the summit and the paramedics needed us to carry her back to their ambulance. Team members made their way to the RV-point below Roseberry…

11 September 2020


Great Ayton

Friday 11th September 2020. On Thursday we mentioned having three call-outs in as many days. Well today we made it four in four days! At 1.35pm we were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a report of a man who had sustained a potential broken leg after falling whilst out walking with his wife. From the description given he appeared…

10th September 2020


Newton Woods

Thursday 10th September 2020. Our third call-out in the space of three days. Shortly after 4pm we were asked to assist the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) with a report of a man having been taken ill in Newton Woods, near Great Ayton. Team members were alerted but upon the arrival of our first vehicle the man was already being assisted…

9 September 2020


Helmsley Rescue

Wednesday 9th September 2020. It is perhaps appropriate on what is Emergency Services Day that a call-out we had on this day was a fine example of joint working between the various services in North Yorkshire. We were called at 1559 hours by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a report of a woman who had fallen into the River Rye just…

8 September 2020


Yorkshire Dales

Tuesday 8th September 2020. We were asked to supply personnel for a protracted search for Harry Harvey, 80-years, who was reported missing on Sunday 6th September 2020. An extensive search of large areas of the northern Yorkshire Dales had taken place since then by a number of Mountain Rescue Teams, North Yorkshire Police and local people. At 0900 hours on…

16 August 2020


Barkers Ridge Call Out

Sunday 16th August 2020. North Yorkshire Police contacted us shortly after noon with a report of a woman having sustained a serious injury on a track at Barker's Ridge, about 2-miles south of Lordstones Cafe and Carlton Bank. One of the friends accompanying her had informed the police that the injured woman was unable to move. Initially four Team members were…

11 August 2020


Carlton Bank

Tuesday 11th August 2020. We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police  to assist in a search for a man who was missing, possibly in the Carlton Bank area. Team members were called out to an RV-point at Lordstones Country Park where we liaised with the Police and agreed on a number of areas to be searched across a wide section of the moors.…

30 July 2020


Gormire Rescue

Thursday 30th July 2020. After a slight lull since our busy mid-July period we had another call-out - our second rescue at Gormire Lake this summer. We were contacted by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust at 3.49pm to assist with a woman who had been injured after falling whilst walking with friends & family near to the lake which is…

19 July 2020


Saltburn Search

Sunday 19th July 2020. We were contacted by Cleveland Police on the evening for what turned out to be our second call-out of the day. This time to assist the police in searching in the Saltburn area for a missing man. Our Team members were contacted and deployed to Saltburn together with one of our Land Rover ambulances and our…

19 July 2020


Guisborough Woods Rescue

Our busy mid-July period continued on Sunday 19th July 2020 with our fifth call-out in the space of 10-days; this time to Guisborough Woods. We were contacted by the North East Ambulance Service at 11.19am with a request to assist them with a mountain-biker who had come off his bike and sustained back injuries. One of our Land Rover ambulances was deployed…