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27th July 2021


Rescue Call-out – Tripsdale

TUESDAY 27TH JULY 2021 Following a very busy first-half of the year we've had a lull in call-outs since early July with none for three-weeks until today. We were contacted this afternoon to assist the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service following a report of a man who had collapsed near Tripsdale, east of Chop Gate on the…

6th July 2021


Search – Eston Hills

TUESDAY 6TH JULY 2021 (2203 hours) Cleveland Police contacted us late in the evening with a request to assist a man who was reportedly lost and potentially disorientated on Eston Hills. Initially we responded by sending two double-crewed Land Rovers to assess the situation whilst other Team members were put on standby. Shortly after arriving in the area our call-out…

5th July 2021


Search – Yarm (2 of 2)

MONDAY 5TH JULY 2021 Further to call-out 41/2021 on Sunday evening, the following morning we received a further request from Cleveland Police to assist with searching for the missing woman and we again deployed to the Blue Bell car park to commence searches of the area. A number fo Team members were again allocated to search parties with more of…

4th July 2021


Search – Yarm (1 of 2)

SUNDAY 4TH JULY 2021 Cleveland Police contacted us during the evening with a request for the Team to assist in searching for a woman missing from the Eaglescliffe area. Team members were called out from home and directed to an RV-point in the Blue Bell pub car-park in Yarm where we based our Incident Control vehicle. From there they were…

26th June 2021


Ambulance assistance – Clay Bank

SATURDAY 26TH JUNE 2021 (1632 HOURS) At the end of a day’s Team training we received a call from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist them with a 25-year-old man who had sustained a wound to his right leg whilst in woodland near Clay Bank, south of Great Broughton. He was reported as being on a steep grassy slope some…

24th June 2021


Search – initially in the Clay Bank area

THURSDAY 24TH JUNE 2021 (1602 HOURS) Our second call-out of the day came from North Yorkshire Police asking us to search for a missing man who was possibly in the Clay Bank area. Team members were contacted and directed to an RV-point at Clay Bank car-park. En route to the RV some of them collected our two Land Rovers and…

24th June 2021


Ambulance Assistance – Flatts Lane, Middlesbrough

THURSDAY 24TH JUNE 2021 (0044 HOURS) In the early hours of the morning we were contacted by the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) to assist them in dealing with a report of a teenage girl in need of medical assistance in woodlands near to Flatts Lane, Middlesbrough.  Initially, we advised NEAS about access routes and potential extraction points from the…

6th June 2021


Rescue – Ingleby Greenhow

SUNDAY 6TH JUNE 2021 (1142 HOURS) We were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service just before midday with a request to attend to a report of a woman who had sustained an ankle injury after falling whilst crossing a stile on land near to Bank Foot, east of Ingleby Greenhow. Two Team Land Rovers were deployed together with a number…

4th June 2021


Search – Glaisdale

FRIDAY 4TH JUNE 2021 (0028HOURS) Just a few hours after our Team members had returned home from an evening rescue call-out to Roseberry Topping (35/2021) some of them were called out again overnight when we were contacted after midnight by North Yorkshire Police requesting our assistance to search for a man who was missing in the Glaisdale area.  An RV-point…

3rd June 2021


Rescue – Roseberry Topping

THURSDAY 3RD JUNE 2021 (1927 HOURS) The Team was contacted by North Yorkshire Police during the evening with a report of a 33-year-old male who had injured his ankle whilst near to the summit of Roseberry Topping. At that time he was unable to walk, hence the reason we were called. Team members were directed to an RV-point at Aireyholme…

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