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30th November 2023


Crashed car – near Commondale

THURSDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 2023 (2115 HOURS) We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police to go to the aid of four occupants of a car that had crashed in wintery conditions, approximately 9-miles east of Stokesley, midway between Kildale and Commondale. The Police anticipated some problems in reaching the scene due to the weather and road conditions, hence the request to…

18th November 2023


Search – Great Ayton

SATURDAY 18TH NOVEMBER 2023 We were called out in the early hours by North Yorkshire Police to help search for a missing vulnerable lady from Great Ayton. Overnight our members and Police officers were supported by a Coastguard helicopter. Just after 9am the Police informed us that the lady had been found by local residents, outside of our search area.…

11th November 2023


Ambulance assistance – Errington Woods

SATURDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 1647 HOURS Whilst call-out 43/2023 was running, we were again contacted by the North East Ambulance Service regarding someone with a lower leg injury, this time following a mountain bike accident in Errington Woods. We released some members from the first call-out and also five members (who had just completed a training day in support of the…

11th November 2023


Air Ambulance assistance – Roseberry Topping

SATURDAY 11TH NOVEMBER 2023 (1609 HOURS) We were contacted by the North East Ambulance Service regarding a woman who had sustained a lower leg injury whilst descending from Roseberry Topping. One of our Land Rovers was en route back to our Base from Technical Rescue training on Whitestone Cliff with three members on board so they diverted to Aireyhome Farm…

9th November 2023


Ambulance assistance – near Danby

THURSDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2023 (2102 HOURS) The Team provide assistance to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust last night at a difficult to access property near Danby. Thankfully, owing to the nature and location of the call we managed it by deploying just limited resources with one local Team member attending and another one (who was out of the area…

21st October 2023


Rescue – Low Locker Wood

SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2023 (1219 HOURS) We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police regarding a woman who had sustained a painful left knee injury whilst out running with her sister a few miles east of Osmotherley, not far from Square Corner. Team members were alerted and made their way to an RV-point at Square Corner, using two Team Land Rovers…

18th October 2023


Ambulance assistance – Newton Woods

WEDNESDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2023 (1843 HOURS) Following a lull in call-outs in recent weeks this was our third one in the space of three days. Being a Wednesday night, it was a training-night and most Search & Rescue and Ops Support members were either making their way to our Great Ayton Base or were about to set off from home.…

17th October 2023


Search request – Cleveland Police

TUESDAY 17TH OCTOBER 2023  We were deployed on a search for a missing person at the request of Cleveland Police. However, we were later stood down by the Police as, very sadly, a body had been found outside of our allocated search area. Our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased person. A total of 15 Cleveland MRT…

16th October 2023


Ambulance assistance – Ainthorpe

MONDAY 16TH OCTOBER 2023 Earlier this afternoon we were called by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist them and an air ambulance crew attending to a report of a woman who had been taken ill on land south of Danby. Two Land Rovers and a number of Team members were dispatched but later cancelled just after our first member arrived…

27th September 2023


Body Recovery – Newton Woods

WEDNESDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2023  Shortly after midday we were requested to support the North East Ambulance Service who were attending to a man who had collapsed in Newton Woods below Roseberry Topping. A Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter and a Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew also attended. Very sadly we were later asked to recover the man’s body from the woods on…

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