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18th January 2021


Glaisdale – car in floodwaters

MONDAY 18TH JANUARY 2021 Our fourth call-out of the year was the second vehicle / flooding related incident for the Team within the space of one-week  We were contacted during the afternoon by North Yorkshire Police to provide safety cover while a car which had been washed off the ford near Glaisdale was secured. The Environment Agency were concerned that…

15th January 2021


Ambulance Assistance – Ainthorpe

FRIDAY 15TH JANUARY 2021 The Yorkshire Ambulance Service contacted us at 1636 hours requesting assistance at Ainthorpe, where an ambulance crew were attending to a woman who had sustained a hip injury. We were asked to move the casualty from a house approximately 200 metres along an icy, uphill driveway to the ambulance which had to be left at the…

12th January 2021


Hob Hole – floodwater search for car occupants

Tuesday 12th January 2021 We were contacted at 0031 hours by North Yorkshire Police requesting our assistance at Hob Hole approximately two-miles west of Castleton following a report of a vehicle partially submerged in flood waters at the ford. A number of Team members were deployed including ten of our Swift Water Rescue Technicians (SRTs) who are trained and equipped…

10th January 2021


Stranded Motorists – Castleton

SUNDAY 10TH JANUARY 2021 We were contacted at 0153 hours by North Yorkshire Police requesting our assistance to go to the aid of two people in a car that was stuck in snow on a hilly section of road near to Castleton. Information from the police, subsequently confirmed by our members at the scene, was that the occupants were on…

29th December 2020


Search Saltburn & Skelton

TUESDAY 29TH DECEMBER 2020 A number of Team members were involved in a search in and around the Saltburn and Skelton areas during the afternoon and evening, at the request of Cleveland Police who were endeavouring to trace a man missing from Skelton.  Police officers involved in the search found the body of a man. Whilst they advise that no formal…

28th December 2020


Roseberry Topping Rescue

MONDAY 28TH DECEMBER 2020 After a fairly busy Christmas for many mountain rescue teams around the country we were just starting to hope that we might get away without a call-out during the holiday period but it was not to be! We received a request from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service at 1330 hours to attend to a man who had…

18th December 2020


Ambulance Assist – Ingelby Barwick

Friday 18th December 20200 At 1220 hours we received a request from the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) to assist one of their ambulance crews and their ‘Hazardous Area Response Team’ who were attending to a report of a man who had injured his leg after falling some distance down muddy banking alongside the River Leven on the southern outskirts…

10th December 2020


Lealholm Body Recovery

Thursday 10th December 2020. We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police with a request to assist them with the recovery of a deceased person from land near to the Lealholm area. One of our Land Rover Ambulances and nine Team members were deployed for a total of approximately three hours. Our thoughts go to the person’s family and friends at…

6th December 2020


Dog Rescue Call-out – near Sutton Bank

Sunday 6th December 2020 At 1239 hours we received a request to rescue a dog that had become stuck on a crag near to the disused Mount Snever Observatory, approximately two miles south-east of Sutton Bank. The dog was reportedly 10-15 feet from the top and the owner was at that time unable to reach it. Two Team Land Rovers…

4th December 2020


Ainthorpe – search call-out

Friday 4th December 2020. Shortly before 1000 hours, North Yorkshire Police requested mountain rescue assistance to help search for a vulnerable elderly lady who was reported to be missing from her home in Ainthorpe near Whitby. Weather conditions at the time were poor and there were obviously concerns for her safety. One Team member co-ordinated our response remotely - immediately…

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