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Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team

The Team was established in 1965 and we normally have around 45 to 50 Search and Rescue members (including probationers) who are on call 24-hours a day every day of the year. We are all volunteers; we have no paid staff and our services are offered free to anyone who needs them. We are reliant on the generosity of local people and groups plus other organisations to cover the £42,000 on average it costs to run the Team every year.

In addition to the Search and Rescue members we have approximately 10 Support members who help with fundraising activities, acting as injured or missing people, maintaining the vehicles and equipment and a multitude of other jobs. If you would like to make a donation, or raise funds to help us, please check out our fundraising page here.


17th July 2024


Rescue – Lazenby Bank

WEDNESDAY 17TH JULY 2024 (1217 HOURS) Called by the North East Ambulance Service to a report of a casualty near to Eston Nab; a woman with a leg injury following a fall. A Team Land Rover and a number of Team members were deployed to the area. We were able to obtain a precise location using the mountain rescue Phone…

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Applications can be made to join the team in a support role (Operational Support) or as a hill going (Search and Rescue) member.

Applications for either role can be made at any time. Intakes for Operational Support members occur at various times of the year. There is one annual intake for Search and Rescue normally each September.

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