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Crowd Funder

Aviva Community Crowd Funder

We have teamed up with Aviva to launch a Community Crowd Funder appeal to help raise more funds to cover our core running costs.

We have set a modest target of £2,000 but it would be fantastic if the public could rise to the challenge and raise the £7,000 needed to reach our ambitious target of £15,000.

In a normal year it costs us around £42,000 to run the Team with £9,500 needed to operate our vehicles and £6,000 to cover our base running costs.

We spend £1,500 on medical supplies and equipment, £4,000 on radios and communication and £3,000 on specialist search and rescue equipment.

In total with some small grants and other miscellaneous sources of income we raised £48,000 in 2019 which has given us a small surplus to support us through the current crisis.

All current fund raising is on hold during the Covid-19 Pandemic and we are not expecting to raise significant funds from our traditional activities during the rest of 2020.

Please support our Crowd Funding Appeal so that we can achieve our target of £15,000 which will help stabilise our finances and allow us to continue to help our local communities during this Pandemic.

Please support our campaign by visiting

Support our campaign on Aviva’s website

Join the team

Applications can be made to join the team in a support role (Operational Support) or as a hill going (Search and Rescue) member.

Applications for either role can be made at any time. Intakes for Operational Support members occur at various times of the year. There is one annual intake for Search and Rescue normally each September.

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