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The Herbert Protocol

One point discussed during our search training exercises over the weekend was the ‘Herbert Protocol’, which is a national scheme used by Police forces (and other agencies) and is aimed at carers, family & friends of potentially vulnerable people. The protocol comes into use if they go missing, which might simply be a case of just wandering away from home etc.

The protocol is named after Geroge Herbert who suffered from Dementia and died some years ago after going missing; it is believed that he was trying to get to his childhood home. Subsequently the protocol was developed in the form of a ‘life history’ questionnaire. The idea is that carers can complete it just in case the person ever goes missing, thereby presenting the Police with all the information that might be helpful, e.g. description , photo, places they might visit such as their childhood home, previous addresses, places they used to work at or visit etc, rather than trying to piece it all together from scratch.

All Police Forces should have public access to Herbert Protocol forms. There are full details on our website with links to both North Yorkshire Police and Cleveland Police downloadable forms:

So if you think that this may apply to someone who you care for, please download and complete the form if you haven’t already done so. Or maybe mention it to a family member or friend if it could be helpful in their circumstances. If a person who they care for then goes missing it can save valuable time in getting information to the Police (and thereby to other agencies and emergency services such as rescue teams).

We have a Herbert Protocol section on our display boards at fundraising events and keep some forms in the fundraising kit that we take to shows and events, so that we can give them out if asked. But if you don’t have a form and think it may be relevant please download one now via the above link.

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