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Paramedic Graduation

Everyone at Cleveland MRT had cause to cheer even before Christmas when they learnt that one of their Support members, Philippa Nilsen, had not only graduated from the University of Sunderland as a paramedic but that she had also received the faculty prize for the Highest Achiever in Paramedic Science.

Philippa’s colleagues were quick to praise her, having been hugely impressed by the amount of work she had put into her paramedic studies over recent years. She even had an article about ‘Homelessness in the aftermath of COVID-19’ featured in the November edition of the Journal of Paramedic Practice. Philippa said ‘Thank you Cleveland MRT. I really couldn’t have done it without all your support over the last four years’. Philippa is now a member of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service but remains as a Support member with Cleveland MRT.

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