2023: 51 Callouts | 2022: 61 Callouts

Don’t get caught out!

The weather has certainly turned a bit colder and a fair bit of snow has fallen on higher ground not far from our area. So how soon will it be before we see some of the white stuff here?

Please don’t get caught out. Wear suitable clothing & footwear and be prepared for changing weather conditions – it’s easy to get caught out no matter how short or long a walk you planned for.

Even without ice and snow a lot of the paths in our area can get very slippery – and many of our call-outs are for ‘simple falls’ resulting in broken legs and ankles. So wear shoes or boots appropriate for the conditions.Further advice on how to prepare for your trip, weather forecasts and what to take with you can be found on our website:

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Applications can be made to join the team in a support role (Operational Support) or as a hill going (Search and Rescue) member.

Applications for either role can be made at any time. Intakes for Operational Support members occur at various times of the year. There is one annual intake for Search and Rescue normally each September.

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