2023: 51 Callouts | 2022: 61 Callouts


It’s that time of year where we look back on the past 12-months!

We’ve actually been a little less busy than normal, which is a good thing as it means fewer people needed our help. But we still recorded 76 calls for assistance from the police and ambulance services, resulting in 51 call-outs (in recent years the average has been 60). Yes, we are tempting fate, as there are still a few hours left in 2023 to get another call!

Many, many thanks to all our Search & Rescue and Ops Support members who collectively put in 2,743 hours responding to call-outs and other incidents. Plus even more time whilst training most Wednesday nights and on five practice weekends. Added to that there was a lot of specialist training and a vast amount of unseen work behind the scenes by many members.

Not forgetting our hard-working Support members with a significant amount of their time devoted to fundraising, assisting at events and at training sessions plus other important tasks such as weekend vehicle cleaning sessions, helping to ‘balance the books’, selling merchandise and sending out thank you notes to numerous donors.

Finally, we would like to thank the many members of the public and organisations who have contributed so much throughout the year. There are far too many of you to mention here but without your financial and other support we would not be able to do the work that we do.

From everyone at Cleveland MRT, wishing you all a very happy (and safe) 2024.

Our ‘review video’ hopefully provides a flavour of the Team’s activities during 2023 and is now available on YouTube (external site). More to come next year!

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