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Children’s Food Hamper Deliveries

Today saw the team giving something back to the communities that support us year in, year out. It was our great pleasure to support the ‘All Kids First’ initiative lead by Mike Hind and our very own Team Leader Carl Faulkner who is Head of the Ironstone Academy Trust.Seven members of the Team (drawn from Search & Rescue and Ops Support) gathered at Morrisons store at Morton Park in Darlington to help deliver 243 healthy food hampers to five schools. Using two Team vehicles including our on-loan Mercedes-Benz of Teesside GLB plus five members’ own cars we had to make multiple trips backwards and forwards owing to the generous size of each food hamper. There was a lot to fit in!

A long day for everyone, not just those on the Team. Mike Hind and his colleagues were also out delivering as was Anthony Conlin (who works supporting many Teesside schools) and not forgetting Morrisons and their incredibly hard-working food packers and deliverers.

A final note of thanks to Itchyrobot for all of the great IT work and planning in the background – the sort of thing that always goes unnoticed but which has been so vital to the success of this initiative. We’re not even finished yet as overnight we will be arranging for a few more deliveries by our Team tomorrow!

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