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Call-out ‘Thank You’

It’s always good to hear from people who we have helped out in their time of need. David Williams contacted us regarding our most recent call-out last Sunday (10/2023), when we went to the aid of his wife Anita. The following letter is published with permission:

Dear Cleveland Mountain Rescue (CMR),

May I take this opportunity to say ‘a Big Thank you’ for helping to rescue my wife on Sunday 12th March 2023, around Newton wood, Great Ayton. We were so grateful that CMR and your team of dedicated volunteers; were there when we needed you. You were so caring and professional on the day. You are all heroes in our books. When you are walking on the hills, you just don’t realise how vulnerable you are if something ‘out of the blue’ happens. It never crossed my mind that a freak accident could occur like it did. And without CMR’s help, we would have been completely knackered.

A brief update on Anita’s injury:-

Anita did sustain a broken Tibia and Fibula near the knee and spiral fractures to the Tibia and Fibula lower down too. The hospital operated on the Monday 13th. They inserted a pin/rod internally through the bone to try and stabilise the leg. It will take many-many months to recover from this nasty leg injury.

I have made a donation, via your web site, as a token of our appreciation. You have my full permission to publish this letter to aide any publicity.

Again – thank you so much for being there when we needed you.

Anita sends her love to you all !

Yours sincerely

David Williams

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