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Stranded Family – near Danby


We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police and asked to locate a family who were staying in a holiday property on the North York Moors a few miles south of Danby village. Since making contact with the Police regarding a problem earlier in the evening further contact with them had been lost, probably due to the phone signal in that particular area. We were also unable to raise them by phone when alerted by the Police.

Two of our Team members who live relatively close to the area were asked to attend in an attempt to make contact with the family, whilst two double-crewed Land Rovers were sent from our Base in case needed. Having driven as far as they could before setting off on foot, the first two Team members located the family and confirmed that they were safe and well. However, they felt unable to remain in their accommodation overnight so we transported them and their dogs to a point north of Danby onto the A171 Moors road from where they were collected by other family members.

Six Team members were directly involved at the scene supported remotely by our Call-out Officer and our Team Leader who liaised with the Police, with a further fourteen members on standby but not needed. The call-out lasted just over 3-hours by the time that the vehicles had returned to our Base.

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