2023: 51 Callouts | 2022: 61 Callouts

Search – Scawton, near Sutton Bank


We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police after they received a call from a woman who had become disoriented whilst walking the Cleveland Way and was believed to be near Scawton, east of Sutton Bank. She was able to describe the general area that she thought she was in but we were subsequently unable to contact her by phone.

Two Team members who live closest to the area were deployed to make an initial search whilst others were sent from our Base using a Team Land Rover. The rest of the Team was put on standby.

Not long after arriving in the area the first Team member on scene managed to locate her on some steep ground, not too far from her intended campsite destination. He provided her with a warm jacket and escorted her to the nearest road to meet up with his colleague. She was given a warm drink but although very wet due to the heavy rain falling during the evening she was safe and well.

When the Land Rover crew arrived they transported her to the campsite and assisted with setting up her tent, before returning to Base. We wish her well for the remainder of her journey along the Cleveland Way.

Six Team members were directly involved with others on standby, all co-ordinated by another one remotely. The incident lasted just under three hours.

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