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Search – Eston Hills

TUESDAY 6TH JULY 2021 (2203 hours)

Cleveland Police contacted us late in the evening with a request to assist a man who was reportedly lost and potentially disorientated on Eston Hills. Initially we responded by sending two double-crewed Land Rovers to assess the situation whilst other Team members were put on standby.

Shortly after arriving in the area our call-out officer made telephone contact with the man which enabled the Team members on scene to quickly locate him and to then assist him off the hills, into the care of the Police. Four Team members were deployed for just over two-hours co-ordinated by our call-out officer (together with his deputies on the night). A further 15 volunteer members were on standby although not required.

Thanks in particular to the local landowners for the RV-point and for allowing access to the land – it was much appreciated and made our task a lot easier.

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