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Search – Emergency Distress Beacon

MONDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2024 (1904 hours)

Last night we received a call from Cleveland Police control room staff who had taken a report from Humber Coastguard of an emergency distress beacon that was indicating as possibly originating in Guisborough Woods, not far from Highcliff Nab. We agreed to undertake a search of the location and the surrounding area.

Five Team members were deployed in two Land Rovers but after a search on foot of the tracks and paths around the provided location, plus a wider sweep of Guisborough Woods, there was no trace of anything untoward. After liaising with both the Police and Coastguard it was agreed that we could stand down pending further checks by the Coastguard to contact the owner of the device and any further search request from the Police.

Thankfully the owner was later traced safe and well – it was found to be an unwitting activation with no ill will intended. Seven Team members were actively involved with co-ordinating and undertaking the search, with a further 17 on standby but not required. The incident lasted approximately 2.25 hours.

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