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Saltburn Search

9TH APRIL 2021

We were contacted during the evening by Cleveland Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable gentleman from Marske who was missing and was possibly in the Saltburn area.

Team members were contacted and sent, together with our Incident Control vehicle and two Land Rovers, to an RV-point in Saltburn. Upon arrival we were deployed into seven search parties and commenced searches in and around the town, in consultation with the Police. Coastguard units and a Police helicopter were also heavily involved in searches over a wider area.

After a few hours of searching our allocated areas we re-grouped and set off again to cover further areas around Saltburn. Coinciding with that we received a call from North Yorkshire Police to undertake a search for another person not connected with the call-out that we were already engaged on. We are very thankful to the Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team members who immediately turned out to cover that search as it was in our area.

Whilst our search for the missing gentleman continued we were informed by the Police that he had been found safe, outside of our search areas, and was in the care of the Coastguard for a medical check. So well done to them and everyone else involved in finding him. The Police later reported that the gentleman was safe and well.

We were then able to re-deploy to the other call-out alongside our colleagues from SRMRT – thanks again to them for their support. Details of that call-out will be available in due course.

On this Saltburn call-out 31 Team members were deployed for just over 4-hours.

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