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Roseberry Topping Search

Monday 2nd November 2020. North Yorkshire Police contacted us at 2034 hours with a report of two women who stated that they were lost in the vicinity of Roseberry Topping. They were unable to provide a precise location and their mobile phone was low on power.

Team members were alerted and our call-out officer endeavoured to contact the missing pair by sending them a Phone Find enquiry via the Sarcall system. Fortunately a response was received that indicated their possible location to be just a few hundred metres south of Roseberry Topping. Two Team members were immediately dispatched in one of our Land Rovers.

Just over 30-minutes after the initial call we located them safe and well and escorted them to nearby Aireyholme Farm where they were handed over into the care of the Police to reunite them with their car. Our vehicle was then returned to Base.

The call-out lasted approximately 1.25 hours. Two Team members were deployed, plus one co-ordinating the response remotely, with 15 others on standby until stood-down. (Library photo used).

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