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Roseberry Search & Rescue

Thursday 18th June 2020. Our latest call-out came just a few hours after our volunteer search & rescue Team members had returned home after having been out ‘on the hills’ on Wednesday evening, training in socially distanced pairs. We were contacted by North Yorkshire Police shortly after midnight to assist with two teenage girls who were reportedly stuck on Roseberry Topping, having become detached from other friends and unable to find their way due to fog. Very soon after that we received a similar call from the North East Ambulance Service.

Team members were called out from home and our two Land Rover ambulances were deployed. Fortunately police officers managed to find the girls just to the east of Roseberry Topping. The ‘what3words’ app was used to identify the location so that four Team members could reach them using the two Land Rovers, taking a paramedic with them. The girls were assessed but no treatment was required at the scene. Most of our Team members had remained at an RV-point in case required but at that point they were stood-down to return home. The remaining Team members then transported the girls off the hill by Land Rover following which police officers dealt with them to ensure they got to a place of safety. 17 Team members (and 1 dealing with the call-out remotely) were involved in the incident which lasted approximately 2.5 hours. The Team Land Rovers were then taken to our Base and decontaminated in line with our COVID-19 protocols.

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