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Rescue – Scugdale, near Swainby


We received a request on behalf of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend to a fallen climber at Barkers Crag, in Scugdale east of Swainby.

Two Land Rover crews and other personnel were released from covering the Cleveland Survival event near Scaling Dam to travel to the scene, where they were joined by a few others who had also become available. At that time telephone contact with the casualty had been lost so the full circumstances and his condition were not clear.

Upon our arrival it was found that the casualty had managed to get himself to the roadside assisted by other climbers. He was assessed and found to have a serious arm injury and a foot injury. Team members administered pain relief and other medication before his arm was splinted by the ambulance crew who had then arrived – they subsequently transported him to hospital. We wish him well for his recovery.

Eighteen Team members were involved in attending and dealing with the incident although some of them had been held back at the RV-point whilst the casualty was dealt with. After 2-hours some were stood down to return home whilst others returned to Scaling Dam to continue providing cover as the Cleveland Survival came to a conclusion in late-afternoon – but not before we dealt with a second call-out (see 12/2024).

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