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Rescue – near Roseberry Topping

FRIDAY 7th OCTOBER 2022 (1303 HOURS)

We were contacted by Cleveland Police regarding two walkers who had become disorientated near to Roseberry Topping during one of the heavy rain showers that occurred across the area during the middle of the day.

Our call-out officer was quickly able to contact them by phone and identified their location via the mountain rescue Phone Find system. Four Team members were sent to recover the pair who were found within about 35-minutes, just to the east of Roseberry Topping. By then, the weather had cleared but they were cold and wet so they were then taken to our nearby Base to dry out and get warmed up with a hot drink before we took them to their car to continue their journey.

In addition to the five Team members involved with the call and recovery we had a further 15 on standby in case required. The call-out lasted just over 1-hour including taking the walkers to our Base and onto their car.

Thanks to everyone at Aireyholme Farm for access across their land.

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