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Rescue – Guisborough Woods


Shortly after midday we were contacted by the North East Ambulance Service with a request to attend to a casualty who had fallen and sustained a head injury in Guisborough Woods at the top of Butt Lane. The Guisborough lady was walking with her husband and family when she fell resulting in the injury.

We quickly deployed one of our Rescue Land Rovers to meet other Team Members at the Bow Street centre. From there eight Team Members made their way to the casualty who was close to the lake above Butt Lane.

After initial assessment and treatment by Team Members the lady was placed in one of our Casualty Bags and onto our Bell Stretcher. She was loaded into our Rescue Land Rover and transported back to the RV-point at the Bow Street centre. Here she was further assessed by NEAS personnel and then taken to the James Cook Hospital in a NEAS Ambulance. A Team Member gave her husband a lift down to the RV and from there on to home.

Sixteen Team Members were involved either at the Incident site or back at the RV – others were available if needed, although they did not attend. One other person was remotely co-ordinating the incident which lasted approximately two-hours (plus another hour or so to return to Base and to decontaminate our vehicle and equipment). We wish the lady a speedy recovery and hope she is soon back walking again.

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