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Rescue – Cleveland Way on Cold Moor

Shortly after standing down from call-out 16/2022 we received another call for assistance:

SUNDAY 1st MAY 2022 (1420 HOURS)

We were again contacted by North Yorkshire Police, this time reporting that a young woman in a walking party had been taken ill and was unable to continue. This was on the Cleveland Way on Cold Moor between Lordstones and Wain Stones.

Whilst the Team was en route our call-out officer was in regular contact with the party leader who was providing valuable information about the circumstances and the casualty’s condition which slowly improved over a period of time. An accurate location had already been provided but this was reconfirmed via our Phone Find system.

Upon our arrival a small group of Team members made their way to the walking party, whilst others remained at the RV-point in case an evacuation by rescue stretcher was required. Once we had medically assessed the casualty and were satisfied that she was well enough to walk, she was carefully ‘walked off’ the hill to a Team Land Rover and driven back to meet up with the rest of the party.

Many thanks to everyone at Beak Hills Farm for access across their land and parking for our vehicles.

Eighteen Team Members were involved plus two others coordinating the response from Saltburn whilst supporting the Team’s Whalebones Walk. The call-out lasted approximately 1.75 hours plus further travelling time back to Base, homes and (for some) back to the Whalebones Walk which still had some hours to go.

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