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Rescue – Cleveland Way above Whitestone Cliff

MONDAY 24TH MAY 2021 (1204 HOURS)

We were contacted at lunchtime by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to assist them with a report of a 76-year-old woman who had fallen on the Cleveland Way above Whitestone Cliff (approximately 1-Km north-west of Sutton Bank). 

Team members were requested to attend an RV-point at a nearby farm. However, as they approached the area they came across another incident on the horse gallops just north of Sutton Bank (see call-out 33/2021) so it was quickly decided to split into two groups.

One group went to the assistance of the woman involved in this first call-out, on the Cleveland Way. She was treated by Team members for a possible dislocated shoulder and provided with pain relief. Then with the assistance of other members, by that time released from the second incident (33/2021), she was secured in a vacuum mattress, placed on a mountain rescue stretcher, carried a short distance to our Land Rover ambulance and then transported approximately 1-Km to the RV-point and handed over into the care of the YAS crew. 

Twelve Team members (including some of those released from call-out 33/2021) were involved in this incident, with the support of our call-out officer co-ordinating things remotely. It lasted for approximately 2.25 hours plus another hour or so to return to our homes & work places and to our Base for cleaning of vehicles and equipment.

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