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Kettleness Search Day 2

Saturday 6th June 2020. As a follow up to last night’s call-out (20/2020) we were contacted by North Yorshire Police at 12.25pm today with a request to search additional areas of land near Kettleness for the missing man. Police officers and a Maritime & Coastguard helicopter were again involved.

Our search area included some potentially steep ground and large sections with dense vegetation. Fifteen of our volunteer Team members were called out, a number of them skilled in ‘technical rope rescues’ on steep terrain in the event that the search required those skills. A Team Land Rover was deployed carrying the specialist equipment that would be necessary for such a search. After an assessment by two of our technical rescue members it was decided to undertake a standard hillside search without requiring the specialist equipment other than protective helmets, goggles and gloves (necessary to minimise injuries when clambering through heavily overgrown woodlands etc). The search conditions were made worse owing to high winds, heavy sideways rain plus hail at times.

Coincidentally the Police had also deployed one of our other Team members, Claire, who was on police-duty with Police Dog Thor (instead of her MR trainee search dog Bracken). 

After covering the additional areas requested by the Police we were stood-down at 3.50pm. Most Team members returned home whilst others took the Land Rover back to Base for the second COVID-19 decontamination process within the space of 12-hours. Police enquiries to trace the man continue.

17 Team members were involved in the incident (including 2 co-ordinating our call-out response remotely) plus others on standby. It lasted for approximately 3.5 hours.

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