2023: 51 Callouts | 2022: 61 Callouts

Incidents 5 and 6: Assistance

Thursday March 1st 0800hrs

The Beast from the East with its wintery storms saw the Team in action again assisting health service professionals. Four members of the Team in one of our land rovers and a team members 4×4 assisted a district nurse reach some of her patients who needed urgent care. The team members had to operate in some of the worst conditions that we have met on the moors in our 50 year history with snowdrifts 50 to 60 cm high and blizzard conditions where the wind was blasting the snow into drifts across the roads.
In these conditions our highly experienced drivers needed all their skills, the occasional tow rope and snow chains to enable the district nurse to deliver the vital care required by her isolated patients.

Our second request for help came at around 0830hrs from the district nurses in the Middlesbrough area who needed to get to some of their patients in care homes around the area. Again we used the strategy of deploying 4 team members in a team landrover and a team member’s 4×4 to work in tandem to transport the nurses.
Both of these incidents lasted until around 1300hrs.

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