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Incident 56 – 57

We were contacted yesterday, Monday 30th July by YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) at 13.15 about a collapsed walker.

The gentleman had met up with a walking group near Whitby and joined them for a walk in Westerdale.
The group quickly called the emergency services and gave first aid. YAAS (Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service) attended, but unfortunately the gentlemen did not recover.

NYP (North Yorkshire Police) attended. Team members assisted YAS move the gentleman and helped get some of the group get to their next destination.

2 Rovers and 12 team members were involved for around 2.5hrs.

CMRT members wish to extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Callout 57 yesterday, Monday 30th July

While returning members of the walking group involved from the previous Westerdale incident to their base in Danby a team member was alerted to a young woman experiencing some breathing difficulties at the Visitors Centre in Danby.

Team members who were returning Team vehicles to the Team Base were diverted to the new location while a team member, who is also a community first responder, also made their way to Danby.

The team took care of the patient till Yorkshire Ambulance Service arrived later.

8 team members responded to this incident that lasted around 1.5hrs

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