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Incident 55

July 29, 2018

Sometimes our four legged friends need a little help!

North Yorkshire Police contacted us yesterday after a dog owner reported that his dog had fallen 10-15 feet down a sink hole.

A Fire Service specialist animal recovery team had also been called.
Just as we arrived they successfully recovered the dog after lowering a loop of rope from the edge of the hole. Well done.

Thankfully ‘Woody the Cocker Spaniel’ was uninjured and was reunited with his owner – a very luck dog.

The hole in the woods near Newgate Bank north on Helmsley has been reported to the NYM National Park Authority to ensure it is fenced off.

I’m sure you’ve worked out that the picture below is not actually of ‘Woody’, but another well known Cocker Spaniel, we’ll also stay clear of any Toy Story puns!

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