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Incident 44

July 1, 2018

Weekend training and Callout 44
In order to keep our Search and Rescue skills at a high standard, the team trains every week throughout the year and also on a number of full weekend training sessions.
Saturday concentrated on water awareness and safety with some practicing riverbank searching and rescue throwline use, whilst others cooled off in the Tees near Yarm with swimming and boat handling techniques, including what to do if things go wrong!
Sundays practice focussed on rope rescue techniques on steep ground and crags near Boltby allowing us deploy a casually harness and stretcher and be able to use rope pulley systems if needed to recover an injured casualty.
Callout 44 came during our rope rescue practice, when we received a call that a 14yr old girl member on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme from Guisborough had fallen and sustained a leg injury on High Moor south of Birk Brow Road. The group acted very well according to their training, sought help, and took care of their friend, well done.
A number of team members and the team doctor responded and were backed up by some already out on the hill on our training exercise. She was treated and taken in a team Land Rover to the waiting Ambulance at a nearby farm.

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