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Incident 35: Rescue Peak Scar

August 12, 2017

Friday 1200hrs August 4th. 
A 59 year old climber from York had fallen whilst climbing at Peak Scar, one of the highest crags in the area (and 45 minutes from our Base).
We quickly manned and deployed our two Landrover ambulances and made our way down the Bilsdale valley towards the village of Hawnby and Peakscar crags.
The injured man had fallen from around 10 metres up and had swung on his safety rope onto the crag injuring his chest.
He was treated at the scene by the members of the Team before being immobilised on our stretcher and carried, with the assistance of back up ropes, the 100 or so metres up the muddy access path to the waiting ambulance.
He was taken to James Cook Hospital for treatment.
14 team members took part in the incident that lasted around 3 hours.

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