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Hutton Woods Dog Rescue

Friday 6th November 2020. This was our 50th call-out of the year!

Cleveland Police contacted us at 1123 hours to alert us to a report of two dogs stuck in a hole (created by old mine workings) in woods above Hutton village. 

Earlier in the morning our Call-out Officer had obtained an availability list of Team members for the weekend. So he was able to very quickly contact the closest, most appropriate Team members for such an incident. Seven of our volunteers, skilled in technical (rope) rescues, attended the scene.

By 1252 hours, one dog (a husky) had been rescued after one Team member accessed the hole wearing a body harness connected to a rope system. A few minutes later the second one (a springador) was also rescued and both, apparently unharmed, were reunited with their owners who expressed their gratitude.

Seven Team members were involved plus one co-ordinating the response remotely (with others on standby although they were not required). The incident lasted approximately two hours plus further time to return our Land Rover and equipment to Base, to be cleaned and decontaminated.

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