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Callout 18 Rescue Roseberry Topping

April 3, 2017

Monday 27th March 1600hrs

We were alerted by NEAS ambulance control to assist with a 66 year old man who was having breathing difficulties on Roseberry Topping. As we had little information to go on, one Landrover was sent to Aireyholme Farm and the other to Newton Carpark so we could access the area from both directions in order to locate the casualty. As were were deploying to commence the search from Newton we met up with a paramedic from the fast response car who was with the casualty on Newton Lane. The 66 year old York man had been walking towards the top of Roseberry with his family when he collapsed with breathing problems. Once he had rested he was able to walk down towards the carpark where the paramedic found him. We transported him to Newton Carpark in our Landrover and passed him over to the waiting ambulance who took him to James Cook Hospital.

The incident lasted about an hour and involved fourteen team members.

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