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Barkers Ridge Call Out

Sunday 16th August 2020. North Yorkshire Police contacted us shortly after noon with a report of a woman having sustained a serious injury on a track at Barker’s Ridge, about 2-miles south of Lordstones Cafe and Carlton Bank. One of the friends accompanying her had informed the police that the injured woman was unable to move. Initially four Team members were deployed in one of our Land Rovers and a personal vehicle along the tracks from Carlton Bank, with other members en route to the area. On arrival the initial party found that the casualty had broken her arm, was in significant pain and unable to move. Whilst they commenced medical treatment other Team members were already en route in other vehicles. 

Once the casualty had been stabilised and provided with pain relief she was lifted onto a mountain rescue stretcher and wrapped in a vacuum mattress to hold her steady. Once inside our Land Rover ambulance she was transported just under a mile to a nearby farm where she was handed over into the care of a Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew and taken by them to hospital. Many thanks to the local farmers for their assistance with access.

We often talk about the importance of being properly equipped whilst out walking in remote areas. As can be seen from the photographs, despite it being mid-August, the weather conditions were poor – cool, misty and drizzling. So great credit goes to the casualty and her two friends who were very well equipped for the conditions including carrying with them a survival bag which they were able to fit around the casualty thereby preventing too much heat loss whilst awaiting assistance.

18 Team members (and 1 dealing with the call-out remotely) were involved in the incident which lasted approximately 3 hours. The Team Land Rover was then taken to our Base and decontaminated along with the equipment used (as per our COVID-19 procedures), so an even longer call-out for some members.

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