2023: 51 Callouts | 2022: 61 Callouts

Ambulance assistance – Saltburn

SUNDAY 16TH JULY 2023 (0058 HOURS)

We were contacted by the North East Ambulance Service in the early hours of the morning to assist one of their crews dealing with a casualty on the Cleveland Way just south of Saltburn.

Whilst one of our Team members, who lives not far away, was asked to go to the scene to make contact with the NEAS crew, other members were also called out and collected a Land Rover from our Base. However, just as they were setting off the local one arrived on scene and advised that we could stand down as the casualty was by then being assisted into the ambulance with support from additional NEAS colleagues. The Team was then stood down and those who had deployed returned home to catch a few hours sleep before some were up fairly early to prepare to support a running event later that morning.

Six Team members were directly involved with a further six on standby if needed for the incident which lasted for approximately one-hour.

(Library photo used on front page)

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