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Ambulance assistance – near Kilburn, Thirsk


Whilst the Team was taking part in one of our weekly Wednesday night training sessions we received a call from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service regarding a mountain biker who had sustained an injury in woodland near to Kilburn, east of Thirsk.

Two small groups were at our Base on non-training tasks. Nineteen others were deployed on a search and rescue exercise in Guisborough Woods near to Hanging Stone and had just assembled a stretcher as part of a rescue exercise, with two Land Rovers deployed at opposite sides of the hill. After being alerted to the call they had to quickly strip down the assembled stretcher and re-pack other equipment. They then started to make their way down the hill to one of the Land Rovers whilst the other vehicle relocated down to the same position. The two parties at our Base were aware and prepared to deploy.

Fortunately, just after the alert message was sent out to the whole Team (for those not on training) we were stood down by the ambulance service as the casualty had been able to make his way to meet up with the crew. It was then a matter of relocating our personnel and vehicles back to the training exercise which resumed after an interruption of just 10-minutes.

Some photos from the training exercise:

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