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If you need help from Mountain Rescue in an emergency:

Use a mobile phone or get to the nearest landline telephone and dial 999 (or 112 which works just like 999).

Then ask the operator for the Police and tell them you need Mountain Rescue help.

Tell the Police:

If it’s a landline phone then stay near the telephone unless instructed otherwise.

If using a mobile phone you may receive a text message from Mountain Rescue. Make sure your data connection is active and follow the instructions on the text - click on the link in the text and that will give Mountain Rescue your location. You should receive a confirmation message.

If you have hearing or speech difficulties:

In an emergency you can contact the 999 emergency services by text. You will only be able to use this service if you are first registered with emergencySMS, so register now — don’t wait for an emergency!

Text ‘register’ to 999 then follow the instructions sent. This is also useful if the signal is low and a voice call keeps cutting out – there can be more chance to send a text message.

Then, in an emergency, contact the emergencySMS service by texting 999. Your message should include ‘Police’ + details of incident + location.

For non-urgent enquiries:

For administrative matters and to apply to become a Search & Rescue member, email:

Or write to The Secretary, Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team c/o Civic Centre Stone Cross Northallerton DL6 2UU


For enquiries about fundraising and to apply to become a member of our Operational Support Team, email:

Public Relations

For public relations, media enquiries, to request visits and talks, email: