2019: 61 Callouts | 2018: 78 Callouts

Grant from Dept of Transport

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team was one of the successful applicants for a share of a £913,000 grant that the Department of Transport has divided amongst 66 water rescue charities in the UK.
Cleveland Team will receive £8400.
We will use the funding to equip an additional ten of its volunteers to be able to train as a “Swift Water Technician (SWT)”. SWTs are trained operate in flooded areas and fast flowing rivers to search for and rescue members of the public trapped by water.

Over the last few years, as more flooding has occurred in the country all of the 50 UK volunteer mountain rescue teams have to train their members for working near water and many have trained and equipped their members for water rescues and searches.
More info at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/almost-1-million-awarded-to-66-water-rescue-charities

Join the team

Applications can be made to join the team in a support role (Operational Support) or as a hill going (Search and Rescue) member.

Applications for either role can be made at any time. Intakes for Operational Support members occur at various times of the year. There is one annual intake for Search and Rescue normally each September.

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