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Meet Bonnie

Dean McMann is a member of Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team and is the handler of Border Collie Bonnie.

Training starts from an early age (puppy stage). This early stage is used to get your dog to socialise with other dogs and people and start with basic obedience then we progress on to a higher standard which includes, walk to heel, on and off the lead over rough ground, send away, recall from distance, down on command from a distance, bark on command, down stay – 5 minutes in sight and 5 minutes out of sight.

Bonnie is now in stage one which involves teaching her to find the body using her sense of smell we call this air scenting, once bonnie has found the body she will bark at the body and return to me and bark, she will the run back to the body and bark for her toy, this is her reward for finding the casualty basically it’s all a game of hide-and-seek for the dog.

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