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Medical science and technology strides out year on year and we all wonder at what is achieved in hospital caring for sick and injured people. What about people who become ill or injured in remote places where hospital treatment is out of reach? Pre-hospital care in these areas has, for the last forty two years, been the role of the Mountain Rescue Teams.

So what do Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team contribute to the medical care of people who are ill or injured on the North Yorkshire Moors and in many other rural and semi rural settings in its areas? We can answer this question under the following headings:

Medical equipment in Land Rovers


With our Land Rover Ambulances we can deliver the right people to anyone who requires assistance any where in our area in almost any weather conditions.


All our members are capable of surviving in remote settings in any weather conditions and they can find their way to any remote location. They are capable of searching in small and large groups in order to locate lost, missing and potentially ill or injured people. When such people are located, they can be protected from further harm prior to receiving medical treatment.


Our communication net allows us to access services that will assist in treatment and evacuation of the casualty.

Trained People

The team has two doctors skilled and experienced in working in remote places. They are present at most emergencies and available for advice by telephone or radio when otherwise unavailable on scene.

The team currently has nine members trained to an advanced level of casualty care this includes the ability to administer a number of life saving and pain relieving drugs, to cannulate casualties in order to infuse life saving fluids (drips). They can also carry out other life saving techniques.

Some of the team also hold the Basic Trauma Life Support Certificates, advanced level, a qualification used by many NHS ambulance services.

In addition most of the team hold the Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate. If that was not enough, all team members are trained to provide basic life support whilst awaiting further medical assistance.

Medical Equipment and Drugs

From Sticking plasters to de-fibrillators, the team carries a very comprehensive range of equipment appropriate for use in the remote settings in which the team operates.

We can administer oxygen and entonox (a pain relieving gas), provide effective splinting of broken bones including spinal immobilization. We have equipment for monitoring blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature and heart rate. In addition we carry a useful number of drugs for pain relief, relieving severe asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and recurrent epileptic seizures and for cardiac conditions.

CSRT and other Professional Services

No emergency service stands alone, we have close effective links with other emergency services including the Ambulance services, the air ambulance, RAF helicopters, Police, Coast guard and regional hospitals.

In summary we have excellent infrastructure, trained members and specialized equipment to provide effective pre-hospital care to casualties anywhere, at any time and in any weather.