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Games & Competitions

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team?


Navigation skills are essential to any Rescue Team member. Test your prowess with map and compass with these online games.

Grid References Test
Compass Reading Test

Search Techniques

Part of the job is being able to find people who are lost or missing. In this game you'll be asked to do exactly that.

Where's Wally

Off Road Driving

We often go a little off the beaten track. Who says we can't go in style? You've got to have the proper skills though, test yours here.

Off Road Driving Test

Avalanche Awareness

We've have had some hard winters over the last few years and this has highlighted the need to keep our wits about us in the snow. Have a go at this quiz to see how you fare.

Avalanche Awareness Quiz

Now give it a go...

Search and Rescue is the name of the game. You've done your training, now why not give it a go.

Sea King Search & Rescue