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Base Refurbishment Phase 2: Replacing the Garage

We are looking for help with the raising of £100,000 to rebuild our base garage where we store and maintain our vehicles.

If you can help with funding or in any other way ( supply of materials or specialist work ) please contact the fundraisers at treasurer@clevelandmrt.org.uk



Over the past three years and with tremendous support from local people, community groups and companies we have replaced our two fast response Land rovers and our Incident Control vehicle at a total cost of £120,000.

In 2012 we rebuilt part of our base including our training room, control room, toilet and kitchen facilities and put in an efficient drying room. However, at the time we did not have the funds to rebuild the garage.

New Base

With the purchase of new vehicles we now need to replace the garage so that we have a safe and water tight place to store and maintain the vehicles.

The Project:

Some of the problems with our garage which we inherited when we purchased the base are:

  1. A leaking, uninsulated asbestos roof.
  2. No heating which causes problems with the electronic and medical equipment stored in the vehicles.
  3. The walls are not tied into the steel supports, have poor foundations and without temporary bracing there is a risk that they could fall onto our new vehicles.
  4. The electrics, plumbing and drainage are old and inadequate for a modern garage.
Vehicles in the GarageInside the GarageGarage

Our plans are:

We have the plans and planning permission in place but we need to raise the estimated £100,000 before building work can commence.

The breakdown of costs are as follows:

Demolition of existing garage and removal of materials£19,000.00
Preparation of Ground work and foundations£1,500.00
Concrete for foundations, flooring etc£3,750.00
Masonry ( including insulation ) etc£23,600.00
Roller Shutter doors£5,650.00
Electrical work£7,500.00
Surface finishes£11,000.00
Fabric sundries£1,000.00
Total costs = £100,000.00

The above costs include labour and are based on quotes received from a number of contractors. Final costs will be known when we go for tender.

We are hoping to start the building work in the summer of 2016 providing we can raise the funds over the 10 months.

If you can help with funding or in any other way please contact the fundraisers at treasurer@clevelandmrt.org.uk